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The Founder President of Maharishi Goshala Charitable Trust Sri Sarjana Ramesh Guruji has learnt Ayurveda from Sri Panditha Elchuri of Hyderabad, Panchagavya treatments from Sri Dr.Niranjan Verma of Kattavakam, near Kanchipuram of Tamilnadu and special treatment for cancer from Sri Hansraj Choudary of Sri Navagraha Ashram, Mothibor ka kheda village of Bhilwara district of Rajasthan state and further treatments from many other Honourable Gurujis.

We all pay our wholehearted Padabhivandanams to all those Ancient Indian Scientists / Intellectuals (Rishis and Munis) and modern Gurujis who are putting their best efforts to keep the Ayurveda alive. We are also grateful to all the patients for believing our Traditional Herbal Treatments and giving us an opportunity to serve them.

Disclaimer: We would like to stress upon the point that Sri Sarjana Ramesh Guruji is not a qualified doctor as per rules of the Government of India or Medical Council of India rules. He is a Traditional Herbal Vaidya. Those who would like to take the treatments at their ‘own will’ from him, will have to give an undertaking that they are aware of this fact and still they want to undergo treatment from him at their will and neither sri Sarjana Ramesh Guruji nor the Maharshi Goshala Charitable Trust nor its members are responsible or liable for any risk to the patients who take treatment from above guruji.

No guarantee will be given to cure any disease, including cancer, by the Guruji or Maharshi Goshala charitable Trust. We neither have any branches nor agents nor we make any type of publicity about offering any type of treatment. We are not responsible for whatever is appearing in press, media, social media or any other means about our trust and its members. is our official website.

The interested patients/attendants/family members may watch the videos on youtube. But please note that none of them is uploaded by MGC Trust and may be useful only to make you understand the method of treatment and not for self treatment as many things regarding treatment, food etc. are not discussed / revealed in these videos and the process of treatment will keep changing at short periods according to our experience without any prior notice.

We humbly request everyone to note that the free herbal treatments mentioned in this website are offered only on every Sunday and not on any other day of the week. The enquiries regarding any treatment and appointment for that should be made only between 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. No enquiries on Sundays. No enquiries/consultation through email, whatsapp and other social media. However, your suggestions are welcome through email Please, call us for enquiries prior to commencement of treatment for Cancer, only after going through the FAQ and their Answers. For general enquiries regarding treatments and appointment for cancer treatment, please, contact: 98490 10403 , 7032247625( in Telugu), 98498 90685 ( in Hindi and English ) from 8 am to 7 pm- Monday to Saturday.

For enquiries during treatment, please, contact 9849009457 only from 9 am to 7 pm- Monday to Saturday.

Phone calls can not be attended on Sunday as all of us are busy at the cancer camp. Guruji’s contact number can not be shared with anyone.

At the request of patients, all the medicines (not the perishables like cow urine and leaves ) and food items needed for any patient are made available for sale at Maharshi Ayurveda Nilayam, beside IOB, opp: Hotel Haritha, Nakkalagutta, Hanumakonda, Warangal Urban distrct, Telangana- 506001, 10 am to 7.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. The same shop would be open at Maharshi Goshala Farm on Sunday. The Medicines can be obtained through courier also. Contact: 89781 01260, 7032626105, 7702401365. Phone calls can not be attended on Sunday. This is only a facility for patients and not part of our MGC Trust. In case of any doubt regarding supply and identification of items purchased from Ayurveda nilayam, please, contact only ayurveda nilayam.


Please, call only the concerned phone numbers for your needs mentioned above. Do not call any other mobile as every person attending above mobile numbers is knowing only his/her part of work and they do not know the job of others. Also, follow the timings mentioned above.

Free herbal treatments are offered by our trust for the following diseases / ailments:

There is one counter for Registration of Cancer Patients ( Only those who have sent SMS for pre-registration to cell no.98490 10403 will be permitted to register).

Another counter for Registration of Patients of diseases like De- addiction of alcohol, Fertility, Asthma, Fits and Paralysis and One more counter for Enquiries and Registration for Non- recurrence of Cancer.

Patients coming for treatment of diseases not mentioned above may come at 1 pm (noon) and take tokens from Enquiry counter at Maharshi Goshala Farm on Sunday. Patients are requested to use these counters accordingly.


This is reaching alarming proportions in our country and world over because of changes in life style and pollution of the Air, Water and Food. It is likely to reach a stage where every third person is likely to be affected by the year 2025. This is not only threatening the life of affected person but also making the people to sell away their properties to meet the expenses of its costly treatment and finally, ruining the entire family irrespective of whether the affected person is alive or dead after treatment.

This is a four pronged war (multidisciplinary treatment) against cancer consisting of 1. Killing of cancer causing cells, 2. Cutting off the food that the cancer cells thrive on and arresting their further growth, 3. Increasing the immunity / resistance of the patient through nutritious food and herbals and 4. Keeping the patient in the environment of his family members and friends where he feels happy, confident and relaxed.

Patients for whom the Allopathic doctors have declared that the treatments like Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy and Surgery are either no more useful or not suitable, those whom the Oncologists have declared that they will not survive more than certain number of days (terminally ill patients), who are under Palliative / Hospice care also can try our treatment as our experience shows that most of them can be cured of Cancer. There is no age limit to undergo this treatment. Cancer patients of all age groups are there among the recovered among those who have recovered.

Ramesh Guruji says that, the total effect of herbal treatment offered by us is 33%, strictly following of the suggested food will have another 33%, the confidence of the patient in the Vaidya, the patient’s self confidence that he/she will definitely survive, the strength of their desire to survive, their spiritual interest, the active support of their family members etc. will have a further effect of 33% and only 1% is in the hands of the Vaidya / Guruji , on recovery of patient . Hence, it is to be noted that 99% chances of the patient getting cured is in the hands of patient and his/her attendant / family members.

In fact, we don’t offer the treatment for cancer but we train the patients and their attendants in preparation and administering the medicine to the patients. The common training class commences for all patients and attendants arriving Maharshi Goshala, at 8 am on Sunday, lasts for about 3 hours in which everything regarding cancer treatment is disclosed without any secrecy, followed by combined doubt clearing session in which everyone can get his/her doubts cleared.

We request the patients/attendants to please, submit the duly filled application cum undertaking form along with the token given at registration counter after the training session is over and collect the herbals / urine of cow of Indian breed ( not Jersey or HF cow) from the counter. These herbals are only samples given to you to identify them easily and for immediate use. The very next day after reaching your home, one should try to get these herbals and urine of Desi cow in your own place/town/village as they are easily available everywhere in our country. Most of them are available in our houses also. You may try either personally, through shepherds , with the help of senior citizens, from plant nurseries or past patients etc., so that you can get fresh herbals at your own place and save money and time on travel to Warangal every week. Moreover, despite our best efforts, our trust is able to supply sufficient quantity of fresh herbals only to those patients coming for the first time. Hence, we request your kind co-operation in this regard.

We request you to please, plant these plants which are being used for treating Cancer, in large quantities in schools, temples, open places, along the roads etc. of your area, for the benefit of future patients of cancer and chase away the demon of cancer from our country.


Q 1: What should be the condition of patient to get cancer treatment from Maharshi Goshala?

Ans: The patient should be in a position to take medicine in solid or liquid form. He / She may take medicine through mouth or through a food pipe arranged by the Doctor.

Q 2: How to take appointment of Maharshi Goshala for cancer treatment?

Ans: It’s very simple. a) Send us an SMS (not whatsapp or any other social media or email) for pre-registration, from Monday to Friday prior to your selected Sunday, to cell no.9849010403 mentioning i. Name of patient, ii. Place of residence of patient, iii. No. of persons going to visit Maharshi Goshala Farm (maximum 2 persons allowed, including the patient). After sending SMS to us, please, don’t expect a confirmation message. Just visit goshala on the following Sunday. Without sending an SMS, no one will be allowed for cancer treatment at Maharshi Goshala.


i. The training for herbal treatment of cancer is offered only on Sundays and not on any other day of the week.

ii. Before asking for an appointment, please, go through FAQ in “Treatments", “contact us" link for location and address and other treatment related video links in website. Send us an SMS for pre- registration only after going through the links, clear all your doubts. Please, come to us for the treatment only if you are satisfied and willing.

Q 3: Is it necessary to bring the patient to Goshala for treatment?

Ans: No. Presence of patient is not necessary. The patient can come only if he/she is in a position to travel from home to goshala, sit at

goshala for 4 hrs. continuously, and travel back to home. Otherwise, the patient need not be troubled. There is no accommodation for patient even to relax here.

Q 4: Who else can come if the patient can not come personally?

Ans: If the patient can not come personally, only the caregiver, who can be present at training session from 8 am to 3 pm and will stay with patient for a minimum of 5 days with patient at home after attending the training. He/she has to teach whatever he/she has learnt at training at Maharshi Goshala Farm, to the patient/family members of patient so that they can prepare and administer medicine as scheduled.

Those coming to goshala for training should not be in a hurry to leave goshala before 3 pm, for any reason. During the entire training session, all should switch off their mobile phones. Though people are travelling the whole night and coming from long distances, one should not sleep in the class and be alert. In one word, they should pay full attention to what is being taught in the class.

Those who come for training should learn to identify each and every plant, medicine and food item to be given to the patient, their proper use and get the doubts, if any, cleared so that the patient can be administered medicine as per schedule.

Q 5: Do we need to bring test reports of the patients?

Ans: No.

Q 6: Without seeing the patient or the test reports, how do you suggest the treatment?

Ans: Since it is the uniform treatment for any type and any stage of cancer, neither the patient nor the reports need be seen. But those visiting goshala for treatment should be able to tell the type and stage of cancer of the patient for whom they are visiting goshala.

Q 7: How long does the patient need to take the treatment to cure cancer?

Ans: It varies from patient to patient. Visible changes are likely to be seen in a month. Normally, it may take 4 to 6 months of treatment to get cured fully. For some, it may take lesser and for others, it may take more time.

If visible positive changes are not found in the patient even after 1½ - 2 months of treatment, we request you to please, contact us for an appointment for review.

Q 8: Can I have personal consultation with Guruji?

Ans: No.

We understand that it is common that everyone thinks that his / her case is special and only his / her suffering is more than anyone else. We too feel that this is necessary to console and build confidence in the patient. But it is not possible to see each patient as hundreds of patients are attending the cancer treatment class. As it is the same treatment for any type and stage of cancer, one need not consult Guruji personally. If you have any doubt after attending total training session, however, you can get them cleared personally from Guruji in the “ Doubt Clearing Session “ held at the end of training session.

Q 9: What type and what stage of cancer can be cured with your treatment?

Ans: Any type of cancer (including the cancer in more than one part of the body – metastasis cancer ) and any stage of cancer (including the terminally ill patients) can be cured. More than 10,000 cancer patients have taken this treatment till March 2020. Many terminally ill patients have recovered fully and leading happy life now. You may watch a video of experiences of some of the recovered patients on “testimonials" link given in our website and satisfy yourselves.

Q 10: What are the languages in which the training session is conducted?

Ans: The main training session is conducted in Telugu - by the Guruji, as 95% of patients are Telugu speaking at present, Hindi session is conducted by Asst. Teachers Sri Dugyala Kishan Rao and and Smt. Kattu Kameshwari and English session is held by Asst. Teacher Sri Karne Swamy Narayana. All classes will commence simultaneously. Hence, the late comers (due to any reason) can not be offered any training. So we request all those coming here for treatment to be present at Goshala premises before 8 am. and stay here up to 3 pm.

Q 11: What Type of treatment is offered for cancer patients?

Ans: : In fact, we don’t treat any cancer. We only train the cancer patients or their caregivers in preparation of herbal medicines. A uniform Traditional herbal treatment is offered for any type and any stage of cancer, with minor difference. Additional treatment is suggested to patients of lung/ kidney/ lever/ brain cancer and tumors etc. The treatment is an ideal combination of fresh urine of Indian breed of cow (bos indicus), pastes, juices and decoctions of ideal mix of various herbals (like Krishna Thulsi, Periwinkle, Sweet Basil, Sheesham - sissoo, Giloy etc. plants/trees which are commonly available in and around houses in any city or village in India and Nature cure and Yogic cure. We give herbals enough for a week ( if available) or 1 piece each of herbals as samples free of cost so that you can identify them easily and procure the same in your place and start the treatment as early as possible.

Q 12: Does your treatment cure cancer totally or it will only prolong the expected life of patient?

Ans: In most of the cases, the cancer is cured permanently. But in some cases, it only prolongs the expected life of the patient.

Q 13: Does the patient need to continue this treatment even after getting cured?

Ans: Yes, but a different and relaxed type of treatment. As the cancer is most likely to recur after few years of recovery, we suggest a different treatment and lesser restrictions on diet to the recovered patients for few months more.

Those patients who have recovered totally and want to take further treatment so that the cancer will not recur, will have to come again to goshala farm with copies of old reports conforming the cancer as well as latest reports confirming their total recovery.

Q 14: Can the terminally ill patients be treated with these herbals?

Ans: Yes, of course. It can be tried. There are many instances where the patients were told by doctors that he/ she is going to survive only for few days more but they have recovered fully from cancer with our treatment and leading normal life like any other healthy person.

However, our experience is not so good with patients of very advanced age and stage of cancer and where there is no family caregiver compared to those of other ages / stages and where there is a dedicated caregiver.

Q 15: How to reach Maharshi Goshala Farm for treatment?

Ans: This is located on the outskirts of Warangal ( Hanumakonda ) city and on the Highway to Karimnagar. To know how to reach our goshala farm, please click “contact us" link available in this website.

Q 16: Do you have any in - patient facility in your goshala?

Ans: No. .

Q 17: There is no one to look after the patient. How to help such patients? .

Ans: The services of a dedicated caregiver are most important in this type of treatment. For such lonely patients and for those patients whose family members can not spare time to care, we can only suggest to appoint a “caregiver" of your choice and get them trained at our goshala in preparation and administering cancer medicine. This will certainly be cheaper than paying nursing charges in a hospital. .

Q 18: We are unable to procure the required herbals in our area. Can you please, suggest a way out? Ans: 99% chances of recovery of patient depends on how strictly you follow the schedule of medicine. If any step or part of any step is omitted, the chances of recovery of patient also will reduce to that extent. .

We know that it is difficult to get some herbs in some areas. Such people may take the help of shepherds, vegetable vendors and senior citizens, old patients etc. from nearby villages who can identify and bring them every week for you. In return you can pay them some money.

Q 19: The urine of Indian breed of cow is not available in our area. What to do? .

Ans: Everyone of us know that if you go to any hospital for treatment of cancer, you need to spend lakhs of rupees. In case of our treatment, the expenditure is very very negligible. If you want only urine of Indian breed of cow, buy a female calf of 3 years or more at cheaper rate and if you want milk also, you will have to spend few more thousands. If you don’t have place to keep them at home, you can have an understanding with nearby farmer to look after your cow and supply the urine and milk to you. .

By this arrangement, you are not only getting the necessary cow urine and milk but also you are saving a rare breed of cow, giving an opportunity to the farmer to do the chemical free and healthy natural farming in about 30 acres of land, which again, can be bought for your family.

Q 20: Can the patient take any other medicine simultaneously while taking your medicine? .

Ans: It is not required under normal circumstances. However, if the patient or his/her family wishes, the patients can continue with their Allopathic treatment while taking our treatment but they should take only one Ayurvedic treatment at a time. Some patients need Allopathic medical services (Palliative care) like comfort, support and symptom managements such as pain relief, vomiting, breathlessness, constipation, bleeding, tube feeding of food and medicine, trauma care etc. and some other emergency services for a month or two at the beginning of our herbal treatment. In such cases, the patient may take Allopathic treatment along with our treatment. Yogic and Spiritual care helps the patient to recover faster. .

Q 21: Since when this training for cancer cure has started at Maharshi Goshala? .

Ans: It all started in the year 2016 and more than 10,000 patients have undergone our treatment so far (till Mar 2020). Most of them (>90%) are of 4th stage patients whom the doctors have refused further treatment for one or the other reason. Most of these patients are very poor or have become poor after spending for the costly treatment in hospitals. This type of patients have taken our treatment and most of them have recovered. We don’t believe in any publicity of our treatments and their success. Only the recovered patients are our Brand Ambassadors. They themselves are posting / uploading their experiences in the social media. .

Q 22: How is your Maharshi Goshala Charitable Trust able to afford so many Freebies to cancer patients? .

Ans: Our MGCT is a charitable trust which runs with the donations from public. It has all legal permissions required from the Government including the IT exemption under sec 12A, 80G of IT Act and FCRA permission to receive funds etc. We are transparent in all these matters and we have uploaded all the legal requirements on our website. .

Our trust members also contribute liberally. None of our trusties and the Auditor, take any remuneration/honorarium for their services to the trust. We are thankful to the volunteers also for their free services.

You too are welcome to join us in this mission of service to humanity by Donating liberally and also by Volunteering to do what you can do within the time you can spare.

No Government and / or CSR funding is available to us so far. .

We are working for the satisfaction. We feel blessed when we get an opportunity to serve the Patients and the Gomatha. We are immensely happy with the blessings showered on us by the recovered patients and their families. .

Q 23: Do you offer any emergency treatment for cancer patients? .

Ans: No. We don’t offer any emergency treatment to any patient. We advise the patients to approach hospitals for any emergency service. .

Q 24: How often do one needs to come to your goshala during the treatment? .

Ans: Twice. Once for training on preparation and use of medicines for treatment of cancer. Second time, only after getting reports confirming that he/she is totally cured of cancer, to avail further treatment and to know the diet to prevent recurrence of cancer. .

Q 25: What is the fee charged per patient for treatment of cancer? .

Ans: No fee. The training, the herbals and a square meal to all those coming to our goshala for treatment are provided absolutely free of cost. .

However, the patients need to buy some special food items and special medicines. These things are either not available in their place of residence or they are charging very high prices or the quality is not assured in other places. These may cost a maximum of Rs.1,500 – 2,000 depending on the quantity purchased. They can be purchased only at their will and pleasure and if they are not available in their place of residence. There is no compulsion to buy in goshala premises. The shop in Goshala Farm is only a facility in this activity.

Q 26: I have come to know of your treatment for cancer just now. Sunday is still far off to know and start the treatment to the patient. The doctors in the hospital said that further treatment can not be given to the patient / the patient will survive only few more days even if the treatment is given by them. Under these circumstances, do you suggest any immediate treatment to the patient till next Sunday, on which we will attend your training for treatment for cancer? .

Ans: All efforts should be made to save such patients. Only the God can decide the number of days a person is going to survive and not anyone else. We have seen number of such terminally ill patients, though not 100% of them, recovering and leading normal life now. So we suggest you to start the following Emergency Treatment immediately to save the patient from worsening condition: .

i.6:00 a.m.,1.00 noon and 8:00 p.m : Mix 5 gms. of turmeric powder in 75 ml. of urine of the Indian cow and boil it till one effervescence and then filter it. Drink it empty stomach after cooling. The urine can be collected once, filtered 7 times through a thin cotton cloth, stored in a glass bottle and can be used for a week. .

ii.Natural Radiation: Sit in the sunlight, preferably exposing the affected area, before 9 am every day for 20 – 30 minutes. .

iii.Growing Wheat Grass: Take 9 flower pots and fill them with mix of soil and manure. Soak a fistful of wheat at night and soak them. Sow these seeds in the next morning in one of the pots and pour sufficient quantity of water. Repeat the same process for next 8 days with a new pot every day. On the 10th day, pluck the wheatgrass from 1st pot, clean only grass after cutting off roots. Then grind the grass, sqeeze out juice and drink the juice as advised. Again, sow the seeds soaked previous night, in this pot. By repeating the same process every day, wheat grass juice is readily available every day. .

iv.Eatables: All things prepared with Green beans, coconut, Sago, Water chestnut and five types of millets (Siri dhanya like Foxtail millets, Brown top millet rice, Little millet, Barnyard millets, Kodo millets) can be taken. All types of Dry fruits, Fresh fruits, sesame, Vegetables and Leafy vegetables should be consumed. More of dry fruits are to be consumed (Min. of 50 gms. black of Raisins with seeds (Munakka) should be eaten) for better result. Patient should eat a minimum of half kg. of 4 types of fresh vegetables together, half kg. of fresh fruits of 4 varieties together. 50 gms of fresh leafy vegetables of any type can be eaten or ground and drunk, everyday. Use only cold pressed or gaanuga oil and green chilly. .

v.Non eatables: Except what is mentioned in “eatables" above, all other things like non vegetarian food, fish, eggs, all types of dalls, rice, wheat, maize, jowar, finger millets, foxtail millets, coconut water, red chilly, refined or filtered or double filtered oils that are cheaper than the cost of their seeds, are harmful because they contain mineral oils. .

Q 27: What are the diet restrictions for cancer patients? .

Ans: The diet restrictions are as mentioned in iv-v above. .

Q 28: Do you suggest any preventive treatment for cancer to healthy persons without cancer or those with family history of cancer? .

Ans: Yes. They can take “cow ark" as suggested, as a preventive treatment. This can prevent not only cancer but also many more diseases that are likely to affect human beings by enhancing the self immunity. .

Try to be stress free. Be happy. Dhyana or spiritual activities can be helpful. Make minimum use of TV, Computer, internet, Cell phone, social media etc. Take chemical free foods. Keep off from junk food. Have enough physical activity so that the food taken is digested and blood circulation takes place all over the body. Don’t use aluminium utensils which induce slow poison into your body. Use mud or brass or copper utensils. .

Since the Indian breed of cow is useful to humans in innumerable ways( Bos Indicus is the most useful animal to the human beings available in this world as per the Vedas) , it is worshipped as Goddess since ages. No religious literature in the world, including The Qoran and The Bible, has any mention to hate cow or eat the flesh of the cow. Instead, it is said to be a sin to kill a cow. Only few selfish people spread such hatred to meet their narrow motives. When some one does some good for people, we pray them as Gods. But the Indian breed of cow does good to human beings in number of ways than any other living being on this earth. Then why can’t it be prayed as a Goddess? Lot of research is going on all over the world on what is said about the usefulness of the Indian cow (bos indicus - that gives healthier A2 milk), in the Indian Medicine and also in all religions born in India. .


Addiction of alcohol is not only a social evil but also a major source for disturbed families in the form of wives becoming widows, children becoming orphans, increase in crime rate, loss of health, loss of productive man hours, loss of family income, public nuisance etc. We would like to do our mite to get rid of these ill effects through de- addiction of alcohol.

2-3 drops of fresh extracts of herbals is poured in each nostril. From the next day, they will have to take specially made Panchagavya ark of cow urine, decoction of specified leaves for whole of each week and administer some herbal powders. Those undergoing this course will not feel the desire to drink from 2nd week onwards. Later, they say, they don’t even like to be in the vicinity of smell of alcohol. There will be no harm even if they drink again, which is normally ruled out. .

Those interested to get rid of this addiction should reach the goshala farm by 7.30 am on any Sunday without taking any solid or liquid food including tea / coffee and register at goshala. However, they can take water 1 hour before treatment, on that day. Food can be taken after one hour of the drops. The treatment lasts for a maximum of 5-6 Sundays only. No need of prior appointment. .


Herbal fertility treatment is offered to childless couples to beget children. Both, the wife and the husband should be present at the Goshala Farm by 1 pm on Sunday along with all the reports. The problems preventing the fertility in the couple are addressed first and then Herbal drops are administered on a pre determined day. The treatment period will be for about 3-6 months. Prior appointment is not necessary. .


The patients can reach goshala farm by 7.30 am on any Sunday. Paste of herbal mix is given with butter milk to drink. Food can be taken only with Butter milk after 1 hour of taking medicine. Same should continue on the whole of that day. The treatment period will be for about 6 weeks. Prior appointment is not necessary. .


The patients can reach goshala farm by 7.30 am on any Sunday. Drops of herbal extracts are put in each nostril of nose and another herbal extract will be given for drinking. Preparation of Herbal juice for application on the affected parts of body will be taught to the care giver. Patient needs to come only once. .


Those who wish to take treatment for any other disease from Guruji should reach goshala farm by 1 o’clock noon on any Sunday ONLY. No treatment will be offered from Monday to Saturday at Maharshi Goshala Farm.