about us

"Better to light a smallest possible candle than curse the darkness around us"

Few like minded people happened to come together at a yoga camp held in the town in the year 2006 and some of them happened to undergo yoga teacher training at different yoga organizations including that of Sri Baba Ramdev of Haridwar. Later, they started imparting yoga training in the city and villages in Warangal district, with their own contributions. Then, in the year 2008, some members of the group underwent training in preparation of Ayurvedic medicines with the herbals available locally in villages from Sri Panditha Elchuri of Hyderabad and the group has then added Ayurveda training also to their yoga training. As the pollution is causing many diseases and even the herbals are losing their medicinal properties because of pollution, we have decided to encourage ancient cultivation of Indian cow based natural farming by by establishing a Goshala and encourage others also start them.

Now the Goshala activities have grown up to multifolded which are useful for the society, with the help of Trustees, Donors and Volunteers who are mentioned in this website.

In order to prevent the sinful act of killing cows or sending the cows to slaughter houses, as a small step towards protection of cows and to provide shelter for aged and unproductive cows, the above group formed "MAHARSHI GOSHALA CHARITABLE TRUST" in the year 2011.

Ayurveda, long ago declared cow’s five riches (milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung known as panchagavyas) are highly curative of many diseases. Modern Scientists have also discovered that they can help prevent even diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, T.B, etc. It is the need of the day to disseminate the knowledge of the rich benefits which the Indian cow possesses. If it can spark and interest in the philosophy and outlook of the Indian spiritual system, then it would be very major milestone and a meaningful contribution to the world, like the Yoga, towards progress and prosperity based on a truly invigorating spiritual experience.